Danny has been vital in his contribution to my on-line photo sales. For the past eighteen months I have used Digipixart as an integral part of my photography website. As the owner of Digipixart, he has always been a hands-on problem solver in any situation. Danny's support has been a key element in the success of my business. He freely shares his creative ideas and business insight to support me as a photographer. There are four things that stand out when I think of my work with Danny. These are: his customer service, his understanding of computer programming, his dedication to continuing to improve his services, and the print quality of Digipixart photographs.

I researched several services before choosing Digipixart. The quality of product and the Digipixart representatives' dedication to the service they deliver is far superior to all other services that I found. During my search for a service provider, I called and emailed each company. Danny was the only person that I was able to reach on the telephone. He continues to be available for me by telephone and email when I need assistance. I recall one instance that I was working in the evening after business hours were over. Danny spent time working with me over the phone to resolve an issue with a photograph. Later that night I received an email with web links that provided me with the information I needed to fix the problem.

Danny's dedication to Digipixart has made the site, and his services, user-friendly to both my customers and myself. Additionally, the print quality of the photographs that Digipixart creates is outstanding. My customers continuously give positive feedback about their experience using the site.

Personally, Danny is very easy to work with. I feel that he cares about my success and he has taught me a lot about the business aspect of photography sales. Danny is an asset to any business that sells photographs. He is consistent in his delivery of a high quality service.

Kevin Remington (Professional Photographer)
Kevin Remington Photography

Digipixart allowed UC Riverside to provide a much-needed service to the families of our student-athletes. Their flexibility helped us develop a solution that worked within the restrictive rules of the NCAA and the University of California.

Ross French (Web Content Manager)
University of California, Riverside

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! - THANK YOU!!! . . . Thanks to you, Danny, and your company, Digipixart, I have made the transition from film to digital photography. As a professional photographer, in business for 28 years, I have with your help, improved my service to my clients and have also improved the quality of the final product- the print. You and your excellent staff at Digipixart provide me with professional advice and guidance when needed, and most of all consistently high quality results that make
me proud of the final digital images I present to my customers, and confident in this new technology. Your commitment to your customers as well as the professional photographers you serve is with great integrity and it is evident that Digipixart will continue to be a leader in this new field.

Again, I say, thank you - for being "there" for me, from the beginning.

Brenda Schrier (Professional Photographer)
Brenda Schrier Personal Photography

Digipixart's album management program has transformed my business in not only simplifying the client ordering process, but in providing me with beautifully executed professional prints. My clients are thrilled that within hours, they can view their images on-line and place their orders. The quality is so clear, that I no longer need to provide proof prints. Whether it's a wedding consisting of 800 images or a family portrait session of 50 images, this site enables me with a simple mouse click to upload images, set customized pricing structures and album sub-folders, order prints, monitor client viewing and see sales reports.

I want to use my time for shooting so I appreciate many of the system's options such as the ability to quickly upload images from home, watermark placement, RAW conversions and an address book so I can easily e-mail invitations to my clients when their images are on-line. I am by no means a computer expert, but Danny Chu has made this system so easy and is always available to answer questions. This is the system that I needed to complete my transition into the digital age.

Jenifer Morris (Professional Photographer)
Jenifer Morris Photography

Digipixart is unlike any other company I’ve worked with as a professional photographer. Beyond their position as an undeniably exceptional photo lab, e-commerce gateway, and marketing partner, I simply marvel at the dedication they have for me as a customer and the measures they take in maintaining this relationship. I have told Danny on more than one occasion that he needs to conduct speaking engagements at industry conferences like PPA or WPPI to teach others what he so willingly, and thoughtfully shares with me when I have questions or concerns. His knowledge, enthusiasm and love for what he does is absolutely contagious and good for business!!!

Tripp Harrington (Professional Photographer)
Tripp Harrington Photography

Digipixart has helped bring my business to a new level with their online viewing and ordering options that work through my website. Now every event brings more traffic to my site as clients share their photos with friends and family. They also offer excellent prints and outstanding personalized customer service! It is an incredible find when you are able to use a lab that truly cares about your business and delivers the highest level of products and customer service available.

Pamela Lepold (Professional Photographer)
Weddings by Pamela

We have been working with Digipixart for 5 years and what I like most about them, besides how they help me brand my studio, is that they treat my online customers as their own. While they do a great job day in and day out, nobody is perfect, and whenever there's a problem, they bend over backwards to make sure we look good to our customers, even if it's not their fault. They really go above and beyond in servicing our clients and enhancing our reputation for great customer service.

Neal Freed (President)
Freed Photography, Inc.