Release Notes

November 18, 2011 Release Notes

The following items are included in this release:

  1. New Digipixart Website

    Digipixart website will have a new look and feel, a vibrant user interface with easy navigation to various product offerings and services. Once the new site is launched, we will keep you constantly posted with promotional offers, services, new changes etc.

  2. Support for new photo store dimensions of 900px to 1000px wide

    Digipixart supports new photo store dimensions ranging from 900px wide to 1000px wide. Both, new and existing customers can avail this option based on their website requirements.

  3. User interface enhancements

    • We have added easy navigation buttons previous and next while viewing a photo using the zoom feature in the galleries screen. Customer doesn’t need to close a chosen zoom image to view another.
    • Your website’s look and feel is now throughout the site including specialty products and cards customization screens.
    • In order to make customers shop across multiple albums, the “Continue Shopping” and “Return to Albums” feature on the website will now take the user back to your Photo Store Home page/Albums page where all of your albums are displayed/listed.

April 8, 2011 Release Notes

The following items are included in this release:

  1. New Cards Product Introduced

    We are excited to the launch a range of Cards product. We have introduced several different card types for our customers. The following are various card types introduced in this release:

    • 4×8 Photo Cards: The 4×8 photo cards are simple and single sided cards. You can customize the card with user photo and also add few lines of text conveying your customized message. This exciting card comes in three categories: Holidays, Announcements and Other events.
    • Post Cards: Post Cards are double sided with user selected photo in the front and custom text on the back. This is available in different categories: 1) 4×6 size ii) 5×7 size and iii) 5×7 card with patterns / designs surrounding a 4×6 user selected photo.
    • Folding Cards: Folding Cards allows the user selected photo to appear in the front side and custom text on the inside of the card. This is available in different categories: 1) 4×6 size ii) 5×7 size and iii) 5×7 card with patterns / designs surrounding a 4×6 user selected photo.
  2. Watermark Text Opacity

    Now, you can adjust the watermark text opacity according to your needs. The text opacity ranges from 0.1 to 1.0 where a value of 0.1 makes the text more transparent and a value of 1.0 makes it more opaque.

June 24, 2010 Release Notes

The following items are included in this release:

  1. Move to Cloud Infrastructure

    We moved from our current infrastructure facility to Amazon Web Services based Cloud infrastructure. The overall benefits to you with our successful move to the new system and facility are as follows:

    • You will continue to experience the same or improved system response time. The migration is more than just a move to a new facility. It provides the environment to add more computing power and communication speed dynamically as more users get on the system concurrently.
    • The new system also provides the foundation for Digipixart to implement an archival and retrieval system in the near future. The upcoming archival and retrieval system would allow you to backup your photos for later use and images could be retrieved using a range of keywords and event dates. For our university customers, this system will provide inter-department photo search and access to online photo library for brochure, marketing and communication needs. It will also provide the capability to re-market the photos during reunions years later by retrieving the photos from archival system back onto the online photo store.
    • The new environment also provides a very flexible platform to implement and test new features before the actual release of the software.
    • The new system will eliminate any prolonged downtime due to hardware failure. It provides the redundancy for any hardware failure.
    • The total disk storage will increase for the same low monthly fee.

March 15, 2010 Release Notes

The following items are included in this release:

  1. Enhanced User Interface

    Improved user interface for better “look and feel” experience during viewing and ordering of photos by customers.

  2. Attractive Features and Shortcuts

    Attractive shortcuts like zoom, mark as favorite and add to shopping cart were added to a grid under every photo in album view. Users can see large image by clicking the zoom icon. Favorites are identified using a red heart icon under the photo. Users can easily mark or remove by clicking on the heart icon. Clicking on Shopping Cart icon takes the user to the products page where they can add their product of choice to their cart.

  3. Updated USPS Shipping Requirements

    USPS has updated their shipping requirements. We immediately updated our interface to extend/update the service / requirements.

  4. Help Tips

    Added help tips to improve and assist customer’s viewing and ordering process.

May 8th, 2009 Release Notes

  1. Print Packages

    Each print package is a collection of a variety of print sizes and quantities. This feature allows album owners (photographers) to offer their customers discounted prices for bulk purchases of certain prints. The packages are predefined by Digipixart Labs. For example: “Package A” contains 8 wallets prints; and “Package H” contains (2)-5×7 prints, (2)-wallet prints, and (1)-3.5×5 print.

    • How to offer a package for sale: A print package is simply another product that a photographer can offer for sale. Thus, a photographer can add any print package to a Pricing Template, and the template can then be applied to one or more albums. Alternatively, the photographer can use an album’s “Set Album Options” menu item to offer a print package for sale within the album.
    • How to order packages: For albums which have print packages available for sale, customers are able to select a “Packages” tab in the product selection screen. By selecting this tab, the customer can choose to purchase any print package that is offered for sale within the album. Additionally, there is a roll over “help” icon within this tab. When a customer points to the Help icon, a list of “for sale” packages is displayed. The list contains the name and detailed contents of each package that is available for sale within the album.
    • Photographers can order the print packages via the “Order Photos” link within the albums they own, just like ordering any other print product.
  2. Credit Card Payment

    Many photographers do not have a Point of Sale (POS) system to accept credit card payments for photography-related services (e.g., sitting fees charged to customers for photo sessions). This new feature allows Digipixart registered photographers to charge their customers’ credit cards for services rendered. At the end of the month, Digipixart will send the photographer a check for the total amount charged to customers’ credit cards during the month.

    • This feature is available only for Professional Photographers (i.e., you must have signed-up as a professional photographer during your initial Digipixart registration).
    • How to charge a customer’s credit card for services: In the Studio Manager section, select the “Accept Credit Card Payment” option.
    • How to report on credit card charges: In the Studio Manager section, select the “Credit Card Payment Report” option to generate the report.
  3. Miscellaneous Updates

    • Fixed issue which displayed duplicate billing addresses during professional user checkout.
    • Improved Pricing Template functionality. Photographers can now add Prints, Specialty Products, Frames, and Packages separately.

March 21, 2009 Release Notes

The following items are included in this release:

  1. Custom Text for Specialty Products

    • Customers are able to add custom text to specialty products: coffee mugs, T-shirts, sweatshirts, puzzles, mouse pads, and golf towels. This upgraded user interface improves the specialty products that are currently offered.
  2. Search Albums

    • Customers are able to search your albums by album name and keywords created by you. This feature is convenient for the customers of photographers who have a large number of albums in our system. It helps your customers quickly find the albums that contain their photos.
  3. Digital Flush Mount Albums

    • A new functionality allows your customers to select favorite photos and send them to Digipixart Labs for digital flush mount design, printing, and binding services. This feature mainly caters to wedding and event photographers who would like us to handle the production of digital flush mount albums.
  4. Miscellaneous Updates

    • Each folder’s cover image is larger, expanded to be the same size as the album cover images.
      Print sizes are sorted and displayed from the smallest size to the largest size.
      Requested by some clients, the word “Portfolio” is removed from the main page on which all your albums are displayed.

November 25, 2008 Release Notes

  1. Coupon Codes

    Coupon codes allow album owners (photographers) to offer their customers discounts. The following rules govern coupon code usage:

    • When an album owner (photographer) applies a coupon type to an album, a unique coupon code is generated and provided to the photographer. The photographer can then share this coupon code with the relevant customers.
    • Each coupon code can only be assigned to one album.
    • Each coupon code has a date range during which it is valid (i.e., a start date and an end date).
    • Each album can have a maximum of one active coupon code assigned to it.
    • Each customer can only use a coupon code one time.
    • Each coupon code can only be used for purchases within the album to which the code applies (i.e., the album for which the photographer created the coupon code).

    Four coupon types are implemented in this release. These types are described below; where necessary, examples of each type’s usage are provided.

    Type 1: First Print Free

    • You select one print size for this coupon (e.g., 4×6, 5×7, etc.).
    • The customer does not need to buy more than one print.
    • The customer cannot take advantage of the coupon code if he/she does not order the print size chosen by you (i.e., the print size for which the coupon was created).

    Type 2: Second Print Free

    • You select one or more print sizes for this coupon.
    • The customer must order more than one print to take advantage of this coupon.
    • Prints can be ordered from different images. For example, one 4×6 print can be ordered for a photo; and another 4×6 print can be ordered for a different photo.
    • Example: You select 4×6 and 5×7 with the Second Print Free Rule.

    Customer 1: Customer orders: one 4×6 and two 5x7s Customer will pay the cost for: one 4×6 and one 5×7 Customer gets the following for free: one 5×7

    Customer 2: Customer orders: three 4x6s and two 5x7s Customer will pay the cost for: two 4x6s and one 5×7 Customer gets the following for free: one 4×6; and one 5×7

    Type 3: Minimum Order with Percentage Discount

    • You set the minimum order amount and the percentage discount.
    • Example: You offer a minimum order amount of $200.00 with 5% discount.

    Customer 1: Customer orders: $199.00 of merchandise on checkout. Discount applied to customer’s purchase: None.

    Customer 2: Customer orders: $200.00 of merchandise on checkout. Discount applied to customer’s purchase: $10 (5% of the order)

    Type 4: Percentage Discount from Total Order

    • You set the percentage discount, which does not require a minimum purchase.
    • Example: You offer a 10% discount.

    Customer 1: Customer orders: $199.00 of merchandise on checkout. Discount applied to customer’s purchase: $19.90 (10% of the order)

    Customer 2: Customer orders: $200.00 of merchandise on checkout. Discount applied to customer’s purchase: $20 (10% of the order)

    You can also offer free shipping in combination with any of the aforementioned coupon type or just free shipping.

    Note: Be aware that free shipping in combination with the First Print Free coupon (Type 1) may result in an order being rejected. Specifically, if only one print is ordered by a customer, the order will not be processed since the total cost of this order is $0.00 and a credit card transaction of $0.00 is not allowed.

  2. Miscellaneous Updates

    • Provided the option to disable color tone and cropping for your albums. With more and more artists using our system to display and sell their paintings online, allowing customer to change color tone and cropping has been a problem for the artists. This release allows any album owner to disable the color tone and cropping features for any album.
    • Many minor improvements are deployed: from better message display on checkout, to internal upgrades within the system. Many of these improvements are not visible to the users, but they are important to the long-term performance and stability of your online photo store.

Please do not hesitate to email or call me if you have any question about the functionalities we provide in any of our releases. After all, the intent of each release is to serve you better. I look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your continued support.

Danny Chu