Photo Retouching

Digipixart isn’t your traditional photo finishing business. We blend together high-tech computer equipment, digital imaging, photography skills, and knowledge of Adobe’s suit of products to assist professional photographers who need to enhance their images. Many of our customers are simply too busy and prefer for us to handle their touch up work, while others may lack the detailed knowledge of modern imaging tools. Whatever your reason, we can help you.

Raw Conversion Services

Many professional photographers understand and appreciate the benefits of shooting in the camera’s native raw format. Digipixart strives to support your endeavor in providing the best quality to your customers. That is why our conversion staff performs color management on each raw file. Each image is unique, and thus we think that each image needs a “personal touch” to produce the best quality for each and every single image that you send us.

Digipixart’s Client Studio Manager software provides an easy way for customers to upload raw files for conversion.

Fine Art Reproduction and Giclee Printing

Digipixart provides art reproduction services to artists in need of reproducing their fine art pieces.
To discuss your particular needs, please email or call us at (703) 426-5100.

Scanning Service

Digipixart provides tradition negative film scanning from 35mm slide, standard 35mm, 120, 220, and others. We offer high resolution scanning that can be saved onto CDs or DVDs for future access and viewing. All scanned images are color managed and made to be “print ready” before saving them to CD/DVD.

Custom Framing and Box Mounting

Digipixart provides high-end custom framing services. In addition to traditional framing, we offer box mounting that provides a unique modern look, as well as other mounting services to meet your framing needs.

Custom Digital Art

Custom Digital Picture Art

Digipixart offers high-quality oil and watercolor paintings for your digital images. Our digital artists create beautiful renditions of your work, with each copy looking identical to the original masterpiece.

For estimates of this style of work, please email or call us at (703) 426-5100.