Offer One-of-a-Kind Photos They Will Treasure and Imagine the Ways They Will Thank You

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Offer parents an intimate glimpse into their child’s campus life – in classic forms they’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Only Digipixart offers you an affordable way to maximize your university’s return on its investment in professional photography. Turn school newspaper shots into a steady revenue stream by adding an online photo store to your school’s website. Now you can offer parents, students and alumni photo products from an incredible vantage point – the athletic field, cross-country racing, the theatrical stage – not available anywhere else.

Designed exclusively for career photographers, Digipixart is the discerning professional’s choice for all-in-one print lab, picture merchandise and online photo store needs.

Accessing a page on your university’s website – made to look as though it’s always been there – parents, students, distant relatives and friends can -

  1. Customize photos you’ve selected
  2. Add them to an array of photo products
  3. Pay with Visa or MasterCard
  4. And have them shipped worldwide

Exceptional service doesn’t have to be expensive. Membership starts at just $25/month* and is based on online storage capacity – beginning with enough to store roughly 15,000 files.

To maximize the value of a student’s milestones captured on film, all you need, is Digipixart. We can convert any film photos into digital format so you can start sharing your vintage photos to your fans and friends in your community.

*A one-time set-up fee of $99 covers the systems’ integration into your existing website.