What makes us different?

Digipixart, Inc. has proven strengths in online retail, order fulfillment, image processing, and information technology. We’ve created an unparalleled business resource that simplifies the end-to-end processing of digital images for several business sectors. Our system provides a B2B vehicle that can be used by any business entity that wishes to leverage its digital photos to sell high-quality hardcopy prints and personalized photo products. This can be done by seamlessly integrating our on-line Photo Store into a business’ website, which allows the business to retain its own brand and website appearance. Or a business can elect to use our web services interface to send us requests for product generation.

Our Mission

Provide an on-line B2B system that gives businesses that ability to easily sell prints and personalized photo products on their website — and thus increase their revenue while maintaining their market brand.

Our Experience & Strengths

  • Core Information Technology (IT) Knowledge

    Core Information Technology (IT) KnowledgeThe members of our technical staff have numerous years of IT experience, covering a broad range of skills that are necessary for the development of modern web-based systems. Members of our team have served in key positions on large government and commercial contracts. Our technical skills include:

    • Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Development
    • Client/Server Interface Development
    • Database Schema Specification
    • Workflow Process Engineering & On-line Transaction Processing (OLTP)
    • Large-Scale Distributed System Development
    • Legacy System Integration
    • Experience in the full System Development Lifecycle (SDLC) including in-depth experience with multiple SDLC methodologies and the phases within those work patterns
  • First-Hand Experience as Professional Photographers

    First-Hand Experience as Professional PhotographersWhile our IT skills are solid, they are not enough to sustain a business. We fully recognize that an understanding of the photography business is a prerequisite to building the right products. That’s why we have professional photographers on our staff. Additionally, we operate a photo lab that generates high-quality photography products (hardcopy prints and other merchandise). This is a unique combination of skills that sets us apart from our competition. We not only believe that the business aspects should drive the technical solutions… we practice it and live it on a daily basis, which includes the utilization of our own labs to generate the products that our photography customers order. So we literally stand by our own products.

  • Business Development

    Business DevelopmentAs business owners and the founders of other successful companies, we have a keen understanding of fundamental business operations… and we know what it takes to succeed. Most importantly, we recognize how critical it is for us to supply our customers with high-quality services and products. Believing that the only way for us to succeed is for our customers to succeed, we treat your success very seriously. Our work ethic reflects the passion that we have for our business, which has a downstream positive impact on our customers – it positions you to succeed.